What happy clients have to say about getting a personalized consultation!

Below you will find a small collection of feedback from clients I have worked with in the past. If you’d like to contribute a testimonial, and maybe even a photo, please send me an email.

I first heard about Sabine from a fellow dog trainer who had a consultation done and had marvellous results. Parker (11 yr GSD/Husky) has always had a sensitive stomach, colitis and really hated kibble. I felt increasingly stressed out because he would skip his meals for 2 days at a time and seemingly only eat to sustain life. I’m a believer that food is an experience as well as a necessity so this was difficult to watch. I contacted Sabine and not long after, I received a full report for a diet that suited his age, activity level and special needs. We gave it a shot.

3 weeks later, I noticed that he was not only looking forward to every single mealtime, eating voraciously, and licking his chops for 20 minutes afterwards, but he was drastically less reactive on leash. He had solid stool consistently for the first time in 8 years. He suddenly grew interested in tug-games, which he never had been before. This dog magically transformed before my eyes. I realized then how incredibly important it is for dogs to have a balanced diet, not only for physical health, but mental/emotional health as well.

Because of this, I will never feed my dogs kibble again. Raw and home cooked is a far more healthy option and I’ve seen the results myself many times over. I mean…I wouldn’t want to eat dry pasta twice a day for the rest of my life…why ask my dog to do the equivalent?

I’ve always talked to clients about diet (with whatever little knowledge that I have) but now it’s at the forefront of my training sessions. Each client is referred to Sabine in order to find a balanced diet that works for the dog *and* the guardian. Yes, I spend one day every month cooking for my dog and filling my freezer, but I love it. I love the change in my dog who was acting his age before…and now people are asking if he’s still a teenager. Imagine that!

Recently, I enlisted her help with my other dog who is suffering from a few ailments and again, within a few weeks of her advice and meal plan, we’re seeing a difference. We’re hoping to skip “prescription diets” (junk!) and dialysis in the future and I am confident that we will.

The support received from Sabine, not only regarding nutrition but other dog-related concerns, is astounding. She truly cares about every one of her clients and brings a most incredible experience to the table. I am a much better guardian for having known her. Every dog guardian should have her on speed-dial. We would all have happier, healthier, more sound pets because of it. It’s the best investment of my dog’s life.

Caryn Charlie Liles
Professional People-Trainer
Whatta Pup! Toronto, Canada

Gomez and Griffin love their meal plan! Everywhere we go people compliment their coats and say “look how shiny they are!!!”.

When Gomez had a mast cell tumor, Sabine quickly reformulated his diet to meet his modified diet needs. I don’t know what we would do without Sabines advice, responsiveness and patience with all of my questions.

My vet cannot believe how white their teeth are and how healthy they are.

Thank you Sabine!!!!

April, Gomez, and Griffin, Boston, MA

My poor pup had been through the wringer when I found Sabine. He just had surgery, horrible allergies, and was on tons of medication. Brody is an English Mastiff and I was always told “Mastiffs have horrible gas and allergies” and it’s something that Mastiff owners seem to have decided was acceptable. I, on the other hand, did not find it acceptable because where there is gas, there is almost always an upset tummy. I had tried different foods; sensitive stomach, grain free, single protein, very expensive and some not so expensive. I tried it all and was never happy with 1) his continued stomach issue and frequent runs, 2) his coat was horrible, and 3) his allergies just continued to get worse. I stopped counting the amount of hours I spent on-line and on the phone trying to find a food that met the criteria his oncologist wanted and was something I would feel good feeding him. In my search for a better food, I found Sabine. I was a little hesitant at first – but figured at the very least, this would allow me a mental break from food searching. My first thought was “lets see what she comes up with”. I completed her questionnaire and was immediately impressed by the amount of information she wanted. I started to feel like maybe this is something that could work.

When I received her consultation I was so impressed and immediately relieved. I had finally found someone that was going to help me! Not only did she provide me with information on 3 different types of food plans (home cooked, canned with home cooked carbs, and kibble), she also provided me with reasons why she suggested each type of diet, the benefits of each, and which foods (Brands) she would suggest for each type of feeding plan. She also provided a list of supplements/vitamins that Brody needed to start taking because of all the medication he was on, along with dosage, and where to purchase.

I was a little overwhelmed at first. Now, I had to decide which way I wanted to go with this. I knew financially I couldn’t afford to feed my 175lbs Mastiff a home cooked diet. I also knew I did not want him on kibble anymore. So that left me with a canned food diet and home cooked carbs to supplement. For the first time, I was starting to feel really good about the food I was going to put into my dog. Sabine gave me suggested canned foods and we discussed which one would be best and off I went to change Brody’s entire feeding plan. From day one, Brody LOVED his new food! After about a month on his new food, Sabine provided me with a detailed feeding plan that included portions, a list of supplements I needed to add, and again she also provided the dosage and where to purchase them.

Since his food change in April 2012, Brody has not had one episode of gas, his coat looks fabulous, he is hardly shedding, his allergies are almost all under control (except for the airborne allergies), his water in-take decreased dramatically due to the amount of water in his canned food (which helps to keep his “Mastiff Jowls” clean), and he continues to LOVE his food. His oncologist told me last week – Brody looks the best he has ever looked. Now keep in mind, he is still on medication and still recovering from Cancer, yet, his Oncologist said he looks the best he has ever looked! And we both contribute that to his new food plan.

Brody has been through a lot, having cancer at the age of 2, having allergies, being on so much medication, and going through treatments, but the one thing I know I am doing right each day is providing him with a good healthy diet. Sabine lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Brody is my baby, and to me, he deserves the best I can give him. Without the knowledge, I didn’t know exactly what that was. Thanks to Sabine, I now know I am providing him with the best care I can provide him in helping him recover fully from a terrible illness and disease.

Brody sends his thanks each morning and night when he eats all of his food with a happy and wagging tail!

Sincerely, and with tons of gratitude,

Shelley Romriell, mama to Romriell’s Big Mud Tires “Brody”

In June of 2004 my husband and I welcomed a little red smooth coated Dachshund into our home. At around 1 year old, Brawt had his first seizure. The vet we spoke to recommended just watching him as many there are many seizure triggers. We continued to enjoy our time together and it was many months before he had another one.

We continued down the path of “random” seizures, with no more than 2 a year until he was 3 years old. During this time I continued to research seizures, food, and vaccines trying to determine if something *we* were doing was causing the issue. We made some changes to his diet in hopes that it would be the magic fix. As time went on, his seizures became worse in both severity and length and sometimes lasting up to 6-8 minutes.

We made many appointments trying to find a vet who wanted to find the cause and not just sugar coat it to get him by. The final straw was when I was told, “The answer is Phenobarbital or to let him continue to have seizures” only to be followed up with, “He might drag his back legs for a few weeks, or even longer until we get his levels (Phenobarbital) figured out, but eventually it SHOULD go away”.

After hearing this and reading the many other side effects that come along with this drug, my husband I made the decision that he would never be put on Phenobarbital. I was finally able to locate a holistic vet who was as committed to trying to find the reason of the seizures as I was. She tried several things, without luck and then asked me if I thought it could be food related, to which I told her it was possible, but his seizures didn’t always have a common factor of food.

At this point Brawt’s seizures had taken a turn for the worse and the frequency had increased to 10-12 a year, and they would last anywhere from 8-12 minutes. After trying all available sources from the vet it was suggested that he get gold bead implants, because acupuncture had proven to help him. We weren’t expecting it to cure him, but to reduce the frequency of them.

In April of 2010, Sabine formulated a diet for Brawt, and as of April 2012, Brawt has been seizure free for 2 years. He loves his meals, they’ve kept him in ideal shape and they have done exactly what I hoped they would – let him live life without seizures. Sabine doesn’t just create a “plan” or “diet” for your dog, she pours her heart into what she does. This isn’t a job – it’s a passion, you aren’t just a client – you are a friend. I’m not sure how you ever repay someone who makes your pet whole again, but if I ever find out, Sabine is the first person on the list. I will be forever grateful for all that you’ve done for our boy, Sabine.

The Townsleys, Edmond, Oklahoma

I can’t say enough good things about Sabine. I am on a couple of different Havanese websites and Sabine’s name kept coming up when discussing dogs and nutrition.

We have a 2 year old Havanese named Jammies. Jammies has a heart condition and I wanted to be sure that we are doing everything possible to give her a good quality life. I tried researching different things on the internet on my own and ended up more confused afterward than what I was when I first started. I contacted Sabine and told her that I would like a diet for Jammies using both commercial dog foods and fresh additives. Sabine also recommended some supplements and I am doing those as well.

Jammies loves her new foods! She has more energy now than she ever did. I didn’t realize what a huge difference her new meals would make, but seeing is believing.

If you are considering a consultation with Sabine, have no fear, you will not be disappointed. She is extremely willing to work with you to do what is best for your dog, your budget and your schedule.

Thanks Sabine!

Debbie and Jammies, Natrona Heights, PA

Years ago I lost two wonderful dogs to cancer. After investigating some of the possible causes of canine cancers, I started to look for ways to try to create a more natural, healthier lifestyle for my dogs. I found some good resources and made some beneficial changes, but I still wanted to do more. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the information and I could not decide how to best meet the individual needs of my three active Border Collies.

Fortunately, I found Better Dog Care. I started with a Basic Wellness consultation for all three of my dogs. Sabine’s advice was easy to follow and gave me a great foundation to build upon. I was so pleased with the results that I next requested Premium Feeding Plan consultations with Extended Support.

The diet plans that Sabine created were exactly what I had hoped for and I really appreciated having Sabine’s support and guidance as I implemented the new feeding plans. The advice that Sabine has given to me has been invaluable. I have learned so much from her and my dogs are leading healthier lives thanks to Sabine’s expertise.

Lisa and Lad, Ben & Nan, WA, United States

In December 2009, I purchased a very expensive “show quality” Australian Shepherd puppy It quickly became apparent to me something was wrong with the puppy. It took two months to get a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. My vet, of whom I think highly 99% of the time, wanted to put the pup on a prescription diet whose primary ingredient is corn starch. Totally unacceptable to me. Because of my familiarity with the “Dog Food Project,” I contacted Sabine Conteras.

Sabine recommended a diet. My vet checked with an on-line vet discussion group about Sabine. The vets poo-poo her because she is not a vet and does not have a degree in dietary science. My vet poo-pooed her too.

Not me — I was totally convinced Sabine knew what she was talking about. We progressed along her plan. I did put Rio on the medications the vet recommended. Sabine recommended four supplements. Initially Rio could not tolerate them; his bowel was so damaged. However, after three months, Rio hit a turning point. He has gained weight and is now at a normal weight. He is taking all his supplements. He is flourishing. I am delighted.

My vet predicted no less than one year to achieve stability for the puppy. I rejected the vet’s plan and stuck with Sabine’s plan — and in four months I have a puppy anyone would be hard pressed to see as anything but 100% normal. IBD is like diabetes; can’t be cured, but can be controlled with diet and medication. I’m convinced Rio will do just fine with Sabine’s plan.

Carol Johnson and Rio, Mariposa, CA

I came to Sabine because my dog, a young standard poodle, had demonstrated a serious food allergy manifesting in dangerous infections in her ears, and she was now reacting negatively to the prescriptive commercial diet our vet recommended. The vet suggested I learn about canine diets, prepare food for my dog myself.

Although I was very anxious that any new food we tried in the new diet would trigger an allergic reaction, and although I had a million questions and a slow learning curve, Sabine was a steady, patient and positive collaborator. She led us through a long elimination diet, the unexpected appearance of oxalate crystals in my dog’s urine, providing in depth information at every step.

When we encountered some surprises in my dog’s intolerance of a few ingredients, Sabine always had a variety of options for different and equally nutritious ingredients. She considered cost, preparation efficiency, and taste in presenting the choices. The information pages she prepares for each specific diet are thorough and thoughtful, are inclusive of the best sources for each ingredient.

With her guidance and knowledge, we now have a balanced, nutritious, safe diet of fresh ingredients that my dog LOVES.

The diet changes we implemented for my poodle helped clear toxins, have eliminated her frequent diarrhea and ear infections, have steadied her weight. Her coat is soft and pliable. She loves each meal, never walks away.

Sabine created a companion diet for my smaller, very healthy mixed breed dog. Both dogs now get home prepared organic food, are happy and thriving. The vet supports all the changes … the vet check ups document their consistent good health.

It’s my pleasure to be so actively involved in the choices and preparation of their diet … a shift in consciousness for me that extends now to many aspects of my daily life.

Susan, Venice, California

When he was 10, Tapi began to experience some age-related problems. He first developed a heart condition which was treatable with medication. But this meant it was too risky to clean his teeth under anesthesia. Tapi had a lot of plaque buildup on his teeth from the dry commercial dog food, so we cleaned what we could by ourselves.

At 15 Tapi developed stones in his urinary tract and had to have surgery. He was then put on a special commercially processed vet approved diet and we continued to follow their recommendations. But Tapi was not happy at all. After a few months on his new diet, urine crystals showed up again and we were devastated because we knew that if we did not do something soon, Tapi would have to undergo another risky surgery.

But then Tapi began to lose his appetite, refusing his prescription diet. He started to look scrawny and thin and our local vet told us that this was due to his old age. But our instinct told us he was not getting enough proper nutrition. So at 19, we decided then to switch Tapi to a natural diet.

Initially we were afraid to make the switch, mainly because of his failing kidneys. Our local vet was convinced that a major brand prescription (processed food) diet was the best solution for Tapi. He even told my husband that if we tried to feed him natural food on our own Tapi would die.

Luckily, after searching on the internet, we found Sabine Contreras, who formulated a special 100% natural diet for Tapi. This also included plenty of meat protein, which our local vet warned against because of Tapi’s kidneys. We later found out that conventional “vet” wisdom about dogs and meat protein is somewhat misguided. Sabine also recommended adding supplements for his kidneys and heart and we were convinced that we were now heading in the right direction.

Sabine was very helpful in explaining all of the supplements, which at first seemed quite bewildering because there were so many of them she recommended giving our Tapi – almost all human quality. But it was a learning curve for us and one we are glad we made, because Tapi really liked his “real food” and his appetite and weight improved.

Tapi lived to see his 20th birthday on his natural diet, much to the astonishment of our local vet. His kidney function was stable and with the help of our holistic vet, we replaced some previously prescribed conventional drugs, with natural supplements and herbs to detoxify and support his liver function.

Unfortunately, cancer caught up with our beloved Tapi and he passed away in our bed on the morning of 26 August 2009. He was 20 years and 4 months old, and if it wasn’t for the cancer – which was inoperable – he might have lived until he was 21, because his kidneys, liver and heart were all still functional.

So if you are thinking about switching to a natural food diet, don’t wait until your dog is 19 years old like we did. Do it as soon as you can! Like many pet guardians, we were “brain-washed by our local vets into thinking that the best food for our dog was something commercially processed.

Marcela and Jeffrey, Prague, Czech Republic

Thank you so much for the great service and support. Your professionalism, expertise and patience (for my constant questions) during the transition to the raw food diet for Bo was superb.

I am happy to report that Bo has lost the 5kg recommended by our vet and is it great shape. I immediately noticed an increase in his energy. He loves his food and eagerly awaits while I prepare it at every meal time.

I am confident that I made the right decision to switch him from commercial dog food to a homemade food made with love and care.

Sherri, Manitoba, Canada

Two months after nearly losing my Pembroke Welsh Corgi following bladder stone surgery, I turned to Sabine for help. Prescription kibbles (which I was already against) and prescription medications were not regulating struvite crystals or infection in the urine and I was worried she would form another stone quickly and might die at the next surgery. After speaking with a friend that had gone through Sabine, I decided to turn to a raw formulated diet and see if that could manage her crystal formation where conventional medicine could not. My vet was completely baffled and didn’t understand why my dog was not responding the way most dogs did after surgery and a switch to prescription kibble.

I’m a professional dog trainer and base all of my training on sound scientific principles. Switching to a raw diet was a tough decision for me because there is not currently a lot of research out supporting it. Knowing that Sabine had experience and knowledge in canine nutrition was key for me and gave me peace of mind that I was doing the right thing for my dog to keep her healthy. I was not comfortable formulating a diet on my own or based on what I read in a book. I needed someone with Sabine’s experience to help guide me and try to get my dog better.

It took two months to begin to see results in her first urinalysis after the switch. Crystal formation went from a 5 out of 5 to a 1 on the test results. Red blood cells were gone from her urine. No infection was present. Four months after that her urinalysis came back completely clean showing no crystals, white blood cells or red blood cells. She is a happy, healthy Corgi again.

Sabine was wonderful at answering any questions I had regarding the diet or any test results my vet gave me following the switch. My vet is so happy to see that something worked when everything else was failing.

Bernie loves her raw diet so much! She loves it when I prepare it (she gets the extra bits that don’t go into her “mealtime jars”) and she loves it when we mix it all up for her meals with the supplements. She quickly learned how to eat a chicken wing.

Thank you for saving my dog Sabine! It means the world to both of us.

Katie, Tampa, FL

I am thrilled with the results my Doberman Pinscher has enjoyed since working with Sabine. I began feeding Petra a raw diet in August of 2009, when Petra was 8 months old. A wonderful friend introduced me to Sabine’s work, and gifted me with a consult.

My girl is an intact bitch whom I show in breed conformation. Naturally we all want a healthy, well-nourished dog, but in conformation you have people judging every physical aspect of your dog. I have been extremely pleased with the results I have had since feeding my girl Sabine’s raw diet. Petra’s eyes, bone and coat are excellent. I have even had judges (as well as other competitors) comment on her exceptional coat.

Though genetics play a definite part in how a dog develops and matures, without excellent nutrition, a dog has no hope of meeting her genetic destiny. I intentionally chose a dog who was likely to have good bone, and she is growing and developing beautifully with the aid of excellent care and nutrition.

I was hesitant to try raw at first, but with my veterinarian’s blessing and Sabine’s customized diet plan, it was not scary at all. I would never have tried to formulate a diet on my own, say using a book or internet as my guide. Sabine’s plan utilizes a very detailed questionnaire to assure that every aspect of my dog’s health is addressed when formulating a diet. Additionally, as I have had questions, Sabine has offered excellent follow-up service.

My vet is very pleased with Petra’s health and credits this excellent diet as a critical part of that success. Now that Petra is reaching 18 months of age, we are re-formulating her diet to assure that her nutritional needs are met and that she can continue to look and perform well. I highly recommend this customized plan to anyone – including conformation competitiors.

Elaine Berg, Owner of Rhapsody’s The End is the Beginning – “Petra”

Sabine was nothing short of a miracle worker at helping “Cooper the Trooper” regain his health and life.

Cooper is a 5 year old Dachshund that I pulled for the San Diego Central Animal Shelter in November of 08. He was scared, skinny, had rotten teeth, ear infection, bladder infection, and the glands in his neck were the size of large almonds.

I figured with time, good foods, and lots of love, he’d be a happy young playful dog in no time, 6 weeks passed and he was still a skinny guy with a big appetite. Early Jan 09 he was scheduled for a dental to get those nasty teeth removed and cleaned, at which time it was discovered Cooper has serious Liver Disease and damage.

Being a minimalist when it comes to conventional medicine, I asked Sabine for her help in the hopes we could heal Coopers liver through food.

Cooper was doing fabulous with his new home-cooked meals, and slowly, but surely all his infections cleared up. Through blood work it was revealed that his liver was healing quite well. His high liver enzymes had decreased by 1/2 in just 8 weeks!We hit a bump in the road in April, when large stones were discovered in Cooper’s bladder. Sabine came up with a new meal plan to continue to heal the liver, and keep the situation with the stones at bay until he could have them surgically removed.

May of 09 Cooper had major surgery to remove the bladder stones and explore the liver. Much to the surgeons surprise he found a large 4 mm congenital liver shunt which he repaired.

Cooper continued his diet and we hoped! Hoped, that living 5 years with a 4mm shunt had not caused too much irreversible damage, and that the food would continue to heal him. Generally the follow-up for Coop’s surgery is continued blood work at 2, 4, 6 and 12 months post surgery, as it can take up to 12 months to see the full results and where the dogs health stands.

July 09 Cooper had his first post-op blood panel, and the results were nothing short of amazing! All counts were within NORMAL range!

The surgeon announced, “Congratulations, you have a whole new normal dog”.

The surgeon then asked, “How long have you been cooking these special meals for this dog?” (the surgeon had a copy of Sabine’s meal plan in his file.)

I replied, “Since January, Why?” Well, the surgeon said, “I have no doubt that the lengths you have gone to, to feed this dog so well, played a major role in his quick recovery and healing.”

Needless to say Cooper will continue to eat like a king, and soon my other 2 dachshunds will reap the benefits of home cooking/raw.

Sabine I am eternally grateful for not only your wisdom and passion, but your compassion when I felt so helpless. Thank You

Warmest Regards, Cathleen Stamm, Cooper, Camelot and Carlee
Founder of 2nd chance Dachshund Rescue, San Diego, CA

Sabine, I cannot thank you enough for all the help and guidance you provided in your consultation for Katie. I followed all of your advice and now have a very happy toy poodle who has no more scratching, no more need for meals every 4 hours and is so satisfied on her new diet. We have been able to eliminate all of the previous foods including the store bought brand and the grated cheese she seemed to want previously.

Katie has her bright eyes again and sleeping through the night which was not possible before switching to your recommendations.

Thank you so much for your time, your recommendations and your compassion.

You are truly blessed with a gift that we so appreciate.

Ann Fraser, Kent Davis Fraser and Katie

Sabine, I wanted to update you on Moses and Mia. I began home cooking for them in October with your recipes that you created for them both. Mia is nine and Moses is 6 with IVDD, who was at one time paralyzed but now is not.

They are doing great on their diet! You are so appreciated! Moses has lost three pounds (he weighed about 21 pounds when I started cooking for him). He weighed 18 pounds last week at the vet, and it was the first time he’d been to the vet, when we’re used to going regularly for anal glands.

They both act like they feel great, and Moses has gotten much stronger, and I believe part of that is the supplements, fish oil, etc.

So, I just wanted to tell you thank you.


Working with Sabine has been fantastic!! I have recommended Sabine numerous times and feel my quest for the perfect food for my little one has been found.

I have a 1 year old Chihuahua named Lola. Lola was diagnosed with a mild case of liver dysplasia at an early age and was put on a vet formula food. Knowing a little about reading labels I knew that this wasn’t ideal and the ingredients sounded awful, plus on top of that getting Lola to eat the hard crunchy food the size of her head seemed impossible. Being from Canada our resources on dog food nutrition are limited (at least in my area) and I went on a quest. Our obedience instructor had brought Sabine in a year or so ago to do a dog food seminar and she told me to go to her website and contact her, as I did.

I worked with Sabine over the course of 6 weeks and had 2 formulations done. Sabine sent me questionnaires to fill out with extensive information about Lola so that she was able to formulate a food that fit all the requirements she needed having liver dysplasia as well as to make balanced for her age and size.

At first the thought of cooking my dog’s food was a little bizarre as I don’t even cook for myself and the preparation was a little trying not being so adverse in the kitchen but the way Sabine lays out the menu’s it was very simple. We played around with the formula’s a bit as Lola is picky eater and finally we found one that worked! I have made 5 or 6 batches at this point and every time it gets easier to prepare and cook knowing exactly what needs to be done. Lola licks her bowl clean every meal and her coat has never been shinier as well it is a comforting thought knowing exactly what’s in her food.

I honestly can’t say enough about the services Sabine offers and the prompt personal attention she gives to her clients – she made me feel like I knew her personally. There wasn’t one email I sent that didn’t go unanswered with words of advice and how to’s during my support period. As well when we settled on the “perfect” food for Lola she provided a full analysis of exactly what Lola is eating so if my vet ever does question it everything is laid out just like on a dog food bag. Overall I couldn’t of asked for anything more and Lola couldn’t be happier which is a big relief in my mind.

Carla & Lola, Alberta, Canada

I contacted Sabine about one of my Havanese, Cash. Cash was gaining so much weight and I was feeding him less than a 20 lb dog should get (he is a big Havanese) and he was still gaining weight. But more important to me than his weight was that he was always hungry – in fact starving. He would forage in the kitchen for crumbs, and whine at where we kept the food. My happy go lucky clown was miserable and could think of nothing else but food. He also had a disgusting way of supplementing his food intake by eating his own poop. When we watched him twist into a pretzel to get it on the way out before we could scoop it up… we knew we needed help. I had his thyroid tested and some other tests and all came back normal, so I contacted Sabine.

The first diet we tried did not work, in fact Cash, gained a 1/2 lb in a week on it and he seemed even hungrier. But Sabine worked with me to revise it so that now Cash is no longer hungry, and because he is not hungry, and getting the nutrients he needs, he is walking away from his tootsie rolls. And, he has lost more than a pound in just over a month! The supplements she suggested seemed to instantly give him more energy (my other Havanese Jasper too.) My vet was also very impressed because this was the first time Cash had ever lost any weight.

The other thing I love about working with Sabine is that she really listens to you and your dogs needs. She helped me make the commercial raw diet more affordable and more nutritious for Cash by using some economical additions. And Sabine helped me find supplements for them that suited my convenience requirements. You get a very thorough consultation which has a lot of good information – but more importantly she also, very generously offers her expertise as questions arise.

Cash is now in the other room playing catch with my husband… PLAYING not foraging for food.

Sincerely, Missy, Boston, MA

Zak wasn’t eating much since I got him and had digestive problems often. Now he’s doing really well, looks healthy, has more energy, and he really likes his food now.

Thank you so much for preparing the diet plan. It was easy to follow and it’s full of useful information.

There is a lot to find on the internet, but it’s sometimes confusing and so many different opinions make one really confused. I am first time dog owner and had many questions which you answered. Thanks again.

Petr and Zak

I have just received my consultation with Sabine. This was a very enlightening and inspiring venture.

I know we all try to provide the best nutrition we can for our dogs. As far as food is concerned, I think just like every human is an individual, every dog is an individual too. We are bombarded with a lot of bad information and not enough reliable information. We all have our own budgets, time restraints, access to good food, etc. etc. when it comes to purchasing dog food.

Even when we study the subject we tend to get conflicting advice and opinions on what is best for our dogs. That is why I turned to a professional like Sabine. What I have learned is that nutrition is a complicated field, and I can only say that for me, I thought I was giving good quality food to my Molly. What I have since learned, is that I could be doing better.

Because Sabine does recognize the individuality of dogs, she does not publish a “top ten” or any sort of ratings chart for dog foods. When she does an evaluation she asks you to submit a detailed questionnaire on what you are currently feeding, how, when etc. She asks you about any issues or questions you may have and does not try to get you to change anything you do not want to change. She simply provides options based on your situation.

Anyway, to say that I was enlightened and educated, would be an understatement. Her feedback was detailed thorough and suited to my situation and Molly’s needs. It was truly one of the best things I have ever done for not only Molly, but myself. Because now I feel more confident in the changes I am about to make. I would just like to pass on this information and option to fellow dog lovers alike. Can’t say enough about this wonderful experience. P.S. This only cost me $ 22 U.S. and a little reading and research time. Gosh, I have spent that much on one dog toy. And this will last a lifetime. And for Molly I am sure a longer one at that.

Woofs and Wags, Molly and Dave (Member of I.P.D.T.A. International Positive Dog Training Association)

Sabine has worked miracles with Annie. By following her program Annie has changed from a dog that had a constant tummy ache from the tender age of five months when I adopted her, clear through her age of five years when I finally contacted Sabine. She also had a terrible odor well beyond “doggie”. I had tried “everything” – different foods, different vets, voodoo (just kidding!) but nothing made Annie feel better.

At one point I thought I was losing her because she would lie around and do nothing, even refusing to lift her head when I called her name. Money is tight for me but Sabine came up with an affordable diet for Annie. Almost immediately I saw positive changes and within weeks Annie was playing and acting like she was a puppy again! The odor is gone and her attitude is great. We have had some setbacks that were my fault – I “fell off the wagon” and let Annie eat things that she shouldn’t- and also that weren’t my fault, such as Annie having to take antibiotics, but Sabine talked us through them and Annie is in great shape now. I highly recommend Sabine and her wonderful program to anyone who has a canine companion. Five woofs up from Annie!

Michele and Annie, FL, United States

My dogs can’t thank Sabine enough. Prior to getting a consultation from BDC, I was attempting a raw diet on my own, cobbled together from various readings on-line and in books. I don’t have the extensive education and background in animal nutrition that Sabine does, and I just haven’t put in the work that she has to understand it all. Because of her, I know the dogs are eating a balanced, nutritionally-complete diet of fresh foods. The peace of mind is worth the cost alone!

But beyond peace of mind, Roscoe’s itchiness and ear issues have been almost totally eliminated, and both Roscoe and Bella’s digestive upsets seem to be things of the past. I used to have to clean Roscoe’s ears daily with cleanser (sometimes resorting to medicated cleaner from the vet), and now a quick wipe with a cotton pad once a week or so is all he needs. In addition, he hardly ever chews his paws, and Bella has gained needed weight.

I also appreciate her insight into vaccination and flea/tick control, and I have been able to print out her recommendations and supporting literature to discuss with my veterinarian and be sure I have the best preventative health regimen for the dogs.

Jen, Roscoe and Bella, CA, United States

I was lucky that my boxer was a happy, healthy, active dog before I spoke to Sabine. However, HE was lucky after I sent for a food consultation.

She listened to my concerns and developed options that suited my lifestyle and were built around my preferences.

Within a couple weeks of making the switch to one of the recommended foods, our boy never looked better, his coat, his eyes and his especially his muscles were amazing. I called him Mr. (Doggie) Universe he looked so great.

Between the good advice and her patience answering my many follow-up questions, Sabine has been a truly valuable resource.

Lori and Remy, NJ, United States

Ever since we adopted our first mastiff we’ve been trying to find the perfect food. There was no lack of recommendations from breeders, show dog owners, veterinarians, etc. And believe me, we tried almost everything. But what worked for a top-winning show dog, gave our dogs gas, or worse. We were always chasing a better product”.

The dog food project website seemed like the answer. The board was packed with unbiased educational information, but it was soon overwhelming.

We realized that canine nutrition is similar to human nutrition, i.e. very individual, but we didn’t have the time to research everything so we contacted Sabine at Better Dog Care.

BDC put together personalized plans that considered our budget, life-style and specific goals, and our dogs’ needs, allergies, and most importantly, what they would eat. Better Dog Care personalized programs have been time and money saving, not to mention beneficial for their overall health. We were given product recommendations per dog, evaluations of existing supplements, and pricing/contact information for better products that fit our goals.

In one case, BDC was able to suggest a single product that combined benefits of multiple supplements. In another, BDC found a toxic substance that we did not realize was in a product widely used on the dog show circuit.

Within one week of following BDC’s plan, we noticed a significant improvement in their coats. Within one month we noticed a huge difference in their ears and nails too. Mealtimes are now a breeze with specific instructions on how to continue their care.

We take our dogs out every weekend to meet the public and we get comments about their beautiful coats all the time. They are energetic, happy and healthy, and we no longer worry and wonder if there are “better products”.

Roann, Nui and Koa, CA, United States

We recently adopted a rescue dog, Sydney, after losing our 15 1/2 year old Lab. In researching dog food and trying to figure out the best diet for our dog, I found your website. It was a Godsend. I was so confused after having read so many different viewpoints and hearing conflicting opinions from asking everyone I could. I was also wondering about supplements.

It has only been a month since I started your recommendations, however your analysis was dead on. I am feeding the dog food you suggested and giving the supplements. Sydney had a terrible bout with a parasite and continued diarrhea. That I am happy to say has cleared up. And her skin is not flaky like it was and she is not scratching as much.

Keeping my fingers crossed, we also aren’t having the anal gland issues that we were having either. Overall she just seems to be thriving. If her energy level is any indication of her health, she is doing phenomenally well!

I am so glad that I found you. You have continued to be patient and have answered numerous questions long after you completed and returned the consultation. It has been like having a personal consultant at my fingertips. Your knowledge is tremendous. Anyone who is confused with all the information out there or is just concerned about doing “the best” for your furry friend can’t go wrong in seeking your advice. Thank you!

Sheila and Sydney, NC, United States

Nutmeg and I are highly impressed with our consultation with Better Dog Care. I had wanted to switch to a raw diet but was overwhelmed by the information available. Many websites are run by “militant” raw feeders so it can be hard to find impartial advice, and books on the topic tend to be very technical.

Without a scientific background, I did not have much confidence in my ability to balance my dog’s diet with correct nutritional amounts.

Sabine provided a very easy to follow and comprehensive raw feeding plan based on our questionnaire, and she also took into consideration the availability of various cuts of meat in my local area – much appreciated!

I really like the format of the plan – it’s a weekly shopping list and suggestions for preparing the food, as well as a guide to substituting ingredients. The supplement recommendations were invaluable too.

Sabine has been very approachable regarding any questions I have, and she always responds promptly to inquiries. I highly recommend her service to anyone thinking about changing their dog’s diet!

Elizabeth and Nutmeg, BC, Canada

Thank you so much for all the extra time you’ve given me and Frisbee. You provide an awesome service and I’ll be recommending you to people on the various lists I belong to.

Tina and Frisbee, PA, United States

Just wanted to update you on Clancy, my black lab pup you gave me a consult on, he is doing great all around. Eating, exercising, even the mouthing is better.

Lisa and Clancy, NJ, United States

I cannot thank you enough for helping my Keeshond, Loki, get her digestive tract back to good health.

I no longer dread what will happen when I let her out. By asking detailed questions you were able to pin point existing issues and past problems that were ignored by others.

Your plan is easy to follow, economical and because you name specific brands all guess work was done for me. Also, I thank you for taking the time to answer my many questions. Even months later, you took the time to help me out. You genuinely seem to care. Not only has Loki’s digestive issues improved, but her eyes are clearer and her coat is fuller and softer (she is even a bit more impish).

We cannot thank you enough for all your help.

Jennifer and Loki, MA, United States

I just wanted to say that it’s been several months since I put my dogs on your suggested diets. Lucy is doing so well–she has improved greatly, and seems to feel good almost every day.

Thank you so much for helping us! Your suggestions have directly impacted the quality of life for our dogs. We always recommend you when people ask about the food we feed.

April and Lucy, NY, United States

I have been meaning to sit down and write this email forever to say thank you so much for your consultation. The new diet has really been working for Orko, she has more energy and I get tons of compliments on her coat.

Arianna and Orko, LA, United States

I just really wanted you to know, since starting Gracie on your diets, she hasn’t vomited once, nor had diarrhea since July, when I started her on your diet. She used to vomit or have diarrhea, or both at least weekly!

So this is such a wonderful thing, me finding you!! I want you to know just how very much you are appreciated!

Also my vet was thrilled with your business cards, she said she has already recommended you to a couple of her clients. She was very impressed with Gracies plan!

Amy, Gracie and Abbie, AZ, United States

I cannot thank you enough for your help in doing the legwork for me in picking out a good food.

Tiffany and Lucy, NY, United States

Sydney is loving his new feeding plan! His mouth waters as he sits and watches me prepare it.

Melissa and Sydney, TX, United States

Thank you so much for your help with Tag! He is such a complex case and I know I asked a zillion questions and you were so patient and prompt in your answers that I can never thank you enough.

It was such a relief to have such a knowledgeable source of information to turn to when everything was so overwhelming.

Your recommendations have been invaluable to Tag’s treatment.

Danielle and Tag, MI, United States

You’re the best — not sure where we’d be with Owen without you, Sabine!

Sam and Owen, CO, United States

Thank you for the comprehensive diet that you created for Buford. I was very impressed with the level of detail and time that you put into this diet. We really appreciate it.

Thanks again for all of your expertise! You even included websites to purchase the supplements! Wow!

Rebecca and Buford, PA, United States

Peyton’s skin troubles began when he was just four months old. Over the next five months, I consulted two holistic vets, changed diets, tried different supplements, applied topical sprays, and spent countless hours researching treatment options – all with no success . Then I found BetterDogCare.com.

After a thorough review of his history, Sabine recommended that I start Peyton on an elimination diet to determine if he had food allergies. Although I was a little nervous at first, I decided to give it a try – I’m so glad I did! I started to see improvements after just a few weeks.

I would absolutely recommend Sabine’s services to anyone who is looking to better the health of their canine companions! She provided me with all of the information I needed in an detailed, easy to understand format and answered my many questions in a prompt and professional manner. I was so impressed by her knowledge that I decided to have consultations done on my two other dogs! They are all doing great and I now have peace of mind knowing that I am providing them with nutritional care that is appropriate for their individual needs. Thank you Sabine!

Kim, Peyton, Indy and Pongo, FL, United States

Pip has been doing wonderfully on her regimen – I wanted to thank you again. I’ve been so pleased with the results that I’ve been recommending your services to family and friends.

Aileen and Pippa, CA, United States

Thank you so much Sabine. You have been unexpectedly super helpful. I appreciate you and your efforts very much.

Debbie and Buffy, ON, Canada

You have been a HUGE help, I am so glad you are here.

Shannon and Pauli, CO, United States

I just wanted to let you know that Kai is now doing great with all the ingredients in the diet. He seems to really love it. I switched him to the new diet cold turkey and he hasn’t vomited or had diarrhea. I definitely can’t say the same for any kibble we’ve ever had him on, even when we switched gradually. I know it’s only been a short time, but I’m very happy with the result so far.

Melissa and Kai, NC, United States

I have two Papillons, Brando a 7 year old male and Trixie a 9 year old female. I brush their teeth regularly but cannot keep them clean, a reoccurring problem with toy dogs. Periodically I must have their teeth cleaned by the Veterinarian. About 6 months ago I brought the dogs for a yearly check up and the Vet said that they both needed a cleaning. I dislike having the dogs under go anesthesia, Brando had a severe reaction last time, so I consulted with Sabine.

Last week I took the dogs to the Vet for some problems and when she checked their teeth she was amazed. She could not get over how white their teeth were. The Vet was so impressed she asked again what I had given the dogs and wrote it down. Thank you Sabine, this is not the first time you’ve helped my dogs, but it’s the tip Trixie likes the best.

Debbie, Brando and Trixie, NJ, United States