Just want a better kibble?

For over 23 years now I have been investigating the commercial pet food industry and am well versed in US pet food regulation (including AAFCO ingredient definitions) as well as industry practices. During all this time I have seen companies come and go, had opportunities to communicate with insiders, amassed a vast knowledge of safety standards/track records and violations of various companies, strategies for educating (or misinforming) consumers, and misleading marketing practices.

When you receive kibble recommendations in the framework of this consultation, you aren’t getting items that have been loosely reviewed based solely on a manufacturer’s online presence and print brochures – like what you commonly see on various ad-plastered “review” websites. I don’t use baseless scare tactics either. My hand picked choices are based on a long history of observation of a company’s experience and business practices.

This nutrition consultation option consists of product recommendations that are individually customized for either a puppy, adult dog, or senior.

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What’s included?

  • A basic assessment of your dog’s nutritional needs via online questionnaire.
  • Kibble recommendations from different categories.
  • Suggestions for enhancing nutritional supplements.
  • Brief email follow-up: ask questions or get help making decisions.

What are my options and how much does it cost?

  • Kibble Recommendations, $49 per dog
  • No special needs (not suitable for dogs with allergies, kidney or liver disease, pancreatitis, IBD, or other health concerns!)
  • Simple concerns like weight loss/gain/maintenance or a mildly sensitive GI system are not considered special needs.
  • No other food types included (e.g. air dried, dehydrated etc.)